Saturday, October 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home

In the midst of planning our wedding, Mark and I purchased a condo.  We were lucky to find a place that was move-in ready, close to where I work, and a steal of a deal ($30,000).  We closed on August 12.

We got the key to our condo just before our closing appointment.  Happy day indeed!
We both took the 12th off from work for the closing appointment and so we could start moving our stuff in.  Well, technically, it was my stuff because I moved into the condo first.  My parents and Mark's parents came the following day to move the big stuff (bed, dressers, desk, coffee tables, etc.)

Our kitchen is galley-style and small.  But there are plenty of cabinets!

I like the green paint on the walls.

Ron, Dad and Bette take a break.  Behind those mirrored doors are more shelves.
Mark moved his stuff over gradually, finishing up just days before our wedding.  I wouldn't recommend moving only a month before your wedding, but luckily for us, everything worked out fine and went smoothly.

Here are more pictures of our condo...

The bathroom is one of our favorite rooms in the condo.

Our decor matches very well.

The guest bedroom was previously a nursery.  We turned it into the guest/craft/running room.

Besides having the running bibs on the wall, I have other random posters and photos.

These closet doors look really nice, but are a pain to open and close.

Master bedroom.  Yes, we need more stuff on the walls!

I purchased this a long time ago, and am glad it's finally getting used!

We have a few items on one of the bedroom walls.

We got this china hutch off of Craigslist.  The previous owner even delivered it!

The previous owners converted a closet into an office.  We made it the "Cloffbrary" (closet-office-library).

Our books, DVDs, CDs, games, and other assorted items are in the cloffbrary.

See... those mirrored doors do hide shelves.  Our condo has awesome storage!
We love our condo... it's the right amount of space for us at this point, and we live just a short walk away from one of my favorite aunts. :)  Mark and I are so glad to have a place that is completely ours.

If you are or have ever been a homeowner (or condo-owner), describe what your first home was like.


  1. Congrats! The place looks great. I'm very much looking forward to Leo and I eventually finding an OUR place, rather than him and me in MY place.

    I received the book you sent. I've heard of it and am thrilled to have it. Thank you so much!!

  2. This looks so cozy. I especially like the running room.

  3. 30,000? WHOA! That IS an amazing deal. I love all the pictures. Looks very cozy and homey.

  4. Congratulations on the condo - I love what you've done with it to make it home!

  5. Thanks for the house warming tour - so cute!!!! You guys do look "at home" there for sure!!!! Congrats on being a home owner. My first "real" place was a condo - loved every minute of it!!! So excited for you guys!!!!!!

  6. Congats! What an awesome market to jump into! Owning a place is fun, and i love the way you set it up so far. Especially the closetythingie you have!

  7. Congratulations! That looks really nice. Enjoy every moment you share together in your new place.

  8. It looks so cute! And you two look so happy in it. Yay, congrats!!

    I live in the house I grew up in - my grandpa owns it and I rent from him. But having Grandpa as my landlord is awesome! I was able to paint every room in the house a different color, tear out the carpet and have hardwood floors, I painted the outside. It was so fun to make it more "me" versus keeping it the way it looked like before I moved away to college!

  9. Congrats, it looks very nice and comfortable. The running bibs on the wall are a good idea; when i moved to this house I lost all my running memories (cups, plaques, medals, and bibs).

  10. I love the photo tour of your new home! And that race wall is my fav. It looks great with all the bibs on there! Congrats -- I can't wait to someday own a home. It will be awhile since we are doing the military thang.