Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The first post

I'm starting this new blog with a shout-out to the Guthrie Theater.  Wow... their plays never cease to amaze me.  Mark and I saw The 39 Steps tonight and thoroughly enjoyed the hilarious play.  Based on the novel by John Buchan and the Alfred Hitchcock film of the same name, the play follows a late-30s gentleman as his boring life gets thrown into overdrive after a chance encounter with a beautiful woman at the theater.  Spies, murder, romance, humor, and witty dialogue... this play had it all!  Four seasoned actors portrayed more than 150 characters, showcasing the versatility and fun of the theater arts.  We were expecting a drama with a little comedic relief thrown in, but this play was all comedy with hints of drama.  If you are in the Minneapolis area, go see it!

OK... so now you want to know who I am.  My name is Richelle.  I'm a woman, daughter, Christian, runner, beer-and-wine-lover, administrative assistant, aspiring writer, amateur photographer, yoga and rollerblading enthusiast, and much more.  I'm trying to figure out my God-given purpose in life, and this blog will be a way for me to work it out, as well as write about running, my family and friends, things that make me laugh and cry, and the fun travels on which I embark.  I'm engaged to a great guy named Mark, whom I will often refer to as "future hubs" and then "hubs" once we get married.  Continue reading this blog... you will learn more about me.


  1. Hi Richelle,
    Woo hoo!! Another Minnesota blogger:) It looks like we ran in a few of the same races! I ran the Metronic 1 mile and Women Run The Cities 10 mile. Looking at your times I think that we could run together...our pace is similar. You do have a faster half marathon by about two minutes. I have been working to get my half time down to 1:50, NO SUCH LUCK:)

    Welcome to the world of runner blogging! You will love it! The running community is amazing!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Welcome to blogging! You Portland Half time is amazing. The weather that day was terrible. My family and I volunteered at mile 8, I might've handed you some gummi bears! Looking forward to following you.