Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shifting Gears

My friend Rachel recently posted on her Facebook wall that she would be walking the Get Lucky 7K with her fiance and a mutual friend, and invited others to join her.  Rachel is walking a marathon in May and this will be a great training race for her, though the free beer, stained-glass finisher medal and awesome sweatshirt are major draws, too. :)

While I was reading her wall post I thought, Maybe I should walk this race instead of running it.

I'm already signed up for the Get Lucky, and want to improve my time this year after a poor showing last year.  However, future hubs and I are signed up for the We Walk Marathon as well, and I feel like we haven't done much training for it.  Walking this race would also give me the chance to hang out with Rachel, Matt and Laurie, and I think that would be more fun than running this race within a specific time frame.

This could also be a sign that I still need to give my knee more time off from running.  I'm frustrated that I'm not running much (up to 15 minutes at a shot).  My legs certainly aren't ready to run a 5K right now, let alone a 7K, and time is running out to train for the race.

I guess what this dilemma boils down to is figuring out my priorities.  Do I scrap running so I can focus more on walking, or should I continue incorporating both into my workouts?  Should I focus on a good 7K time, or rest from running until the end of May and then focus on my goal summer races?  Completing a marathon has been a bucket list item for me for the past few years, and I'd like this year to be the year I finally do it.

My knee is still a major concern for me, so last week I visited my regular doctor.  He suggested physical therapy, which I've responded to well in the past.  I went to my first PT appointment on Tuesday morning, and the doc completed a series of muscle tests and watched me walk barefoot.  She determined that my right gluteus medius is weak, so she prescribed me a series of exercises to strengthen that muscle.  I hope that the PT works because I miss being able to run like I used to.

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  1. If you are still trying to heal from your injury and your real goal is to have strong summer races, I think you should just walk the 7k. Plus it will give you good training for your walking race. Of course, it's easy to say that and then get fired up once you get to the race. :)

  2. Your friend is walking a marathon?! wow!

    That would so nice to join her for your 7k IF your foot is still bothering you!

  3. I'm also registered for the Get Lucky in March. I am running the half, but would love to meet up with you before the race if possible.

    Be careful with knee injuries, walking may be a better option to reduce the impact on your knee during the race. Plus, it's easier to talk to everyone around you when your not running and breathing hard! :)

  4. One of my favorite races from last year was a half marathon I ran with a friend as part of a long run. We didn't walk, but we did dial it way back and had a blast.

  5. Hard to know what to do but my gut says don't schedule a marathon while your knee is bothering you. Wait and see and give it time.

  6. In my opinion you have to walk the 7km. I think you don't need any advice because you have already got all the necessary information. However I recovered walking, biking, swimming and .... listening a running doctor.