Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New kicks x3!

As mentioned in my last post, I dropped a bunch of money on new running shoes this past weekend.  For someone who's planning a wedding, buying three pairs of shoes was not a smart idea, but I'd grown very tired of my stiff Asics and needed a change.  Here we go!

Pair #1 - Nike Air Pegasus +27 Trail

Future hubs and I spent Saturday morning walking at the Mall of America to prep for the walking marathon we're doing in May.  Besides walking, my other to-do item on the list was to try on a bunch of running shoes at the Nike Store.

I swear I tried on almost every style of running shoe they had, save for racing flats and track spikes.  I enjoyed running around the store and making customers freak out as I weaved my way around them.  I'm sure the staff was happy when I left--one less hazard to worry about.

I narrowed down my choices to the Air Pegasus Trail and the Nike Free.  Ultimately, I decided on the Pegasus because they had the right amount of cushioning for my stride and I loved the bright colors.  I also thought it would be easier for me to find the Nike Free at other sporting goods stores.

These shoes are much brighter in person.

The extra grippers on the bottom add a bit more cushioning.
I wore these shoes tonight during my workout--40 minutes of spinning, 15 minutes walking, 15 minutes running.  I like these shoes, and the extra traction will be perfect for winter running.

Total cost of Pair #1 = $95.00

Pair #2 - Nike Free Run+

After we finished up at MOA, future hubs and I headed down to Burnsville.  We first ate lunch at Leeann Chin (yay for BOGO entree coupons!), then we headed over to Dick's Sporting Goods.  My aunt Mary (a.k.a. Old Auntie) had given me a $25 gift card to Dick's for Christmas, and it was burning a hole in my pocket.  I was impressed by how comfortable the Nike Free shoes were when I tried them on at the Nike Store, even when I was just walking.  I thought they would be a great shoe to wear while strength training, and if I really get into minimalist running, I can make the transition to running in these shoes.

My custom orthotics will replace these sweet sockliners.

Black and pink - the girliest pair of running shoes I've ever owned!

So comfy!
Total cost of Pair #2 (after giftcard) = $59.99

Pair #3 - Newton Terra Momentus

My recent interest in minimalist running is due to the fact that I'm injury-prone.  Since 2007, I've sustained at least one running injury a year.  My injuries are due to poor biomechanics; I pronate severely due to my almost flat feet.  But even after accommodating my shortcomings with custom orthotics and specific physical therapy exercises, I'm still frustrated by the fact that I keep getting injured.  This is why I've never run a full marathon; my body apparently can't handle the training, pounding and distance.

I discovered Newton Running through one of the best running stores in the Twin Cities: Gear Running Store.  The staff at Gear are awesome, displaying a vast wealth of knowledge coupled with Minnesota Nice.  They've also been bit by the minimalist running bug and stock several books and shoe brands related to it.  I mentioned to Mark that I wanted to try on a pair of Newtons, so we headed to Edina after finishing our errands in Burnsville.

Since we both do some running outside in the winter, Paul suggested we try on the Terra Momentus, an off-road trainer.

Yes, I found another pair of bright shoes!

Immediately when I put them on and started running around the store, I noticed that my stride was different.  The shoes forced me to run with a mid-foot strike!  The heel sits lower than in most running shoes, and the actuator lugs in the mid-foot area of the shoe actually store energy when you land, and then release the energy as you move through your landing and the beginning of your next stride to help propel you forward.

Do you see the four black actuator lugs in the mid-foot area?

Notice the lower heel profile
Mark already runs with a mid-foot strike, plus he wanted to use up his current pair of running shoes before purchasing another pair, so he passed on the Newtons.  Even though I had already purchased two pairs that day, I added the Newtons to my collection.  Luckily, I received a 20% discount on the shoes because I'm a Team Ortho volunteer.

I wore these shoes for my workout on Monday: 30 minutes of spinning and 14 minutes of running.  My legs, especially my calves, are still very sore because I use different muscles when running in the shoes.  They will take some getting used to.

Total cost of Pair #3 (after discount): $111.20

I have 30 days to test out these shoes, and if a pair doesn't work for me, I will return them.  I have high hopes that at least one of these pairs will suit me well.


  1. Good review of shoes. I like Montrail shoes on the trails for the toebox room, width, weight, and performance.

  2. Congrats on the new shoes!!! I love getting new running shoes. I especially love pair #1. Green is my favorite.

  3. Your shoes are all so PRETTY! I hope they work out well for you!

  4. Wow! Loving your bright colors!! I have heard good things about the Nike Free from misszippy. I have always loved Pegasus!!

  5. Nice shoes. I love my Nike Frees for strength training, kettlebells and riding my hybrid bike with Sophie in her bike seat. :)

  6. Awesome new shoes! I wish I was an 8.5, I'd buy those others from you. I'm a 9 and with running shoes you know you don't want to smaller. Thanks for the offer!

  7. I'm kind of chuckling over adding custom orthotics to Nike Frees