Sunday, January 30, 2011

Groovin'... on a Sunday afternoon

My checking account took quite the hit this weekend!  I bought three pairs of running shoes yesterday!  I will post a separate entry about them.

Did any of you see Hood to Coast on January 11?  Future hubs and I saw it and loved it, and have added the relay to our list of lifetime must-do races.  We can't wait for the movie to come out on DVD!  If you missed out, they are doing an encore screening at several theaters across the country on February 10.

Every once in a while, I double-book myself, and that is what happened with the Good Form Running Clinic.  Mark and I are taking a marriage prep course (yes, we are taking another one!) through the church we actually attend for the next five Thursdays.  So, I won't be able to attend GFR until the second Thursday in March.  However, one of the new pairs of shoes I picked up should help me develop good running form right away.  Stay tuned for the shoe-themed blog entry!

I do have a few non-running resolutions for 2011: spend more time with my family and friends, curb my sweets intake and drop a couple pounds, and prepare for my September wedding (that's not really a resolution... I need to prepare well!).  Another resolution I have is to pray more, and so far this has been going well.  I bought this book early in the year using a Barnes & Noble giftcard I received for Christmas, thinking that it would help me.  Common Prayer contains readings for morning, midday and evening prayers, suggestions for Bible verses to read, and a songbook containing hymns and songs from various faith traditions.  Growing up Catholic, I was surrounded constantly by liturgy, and as I got older, I found it boring and monotonous.  The thing I like about Common Prayer is that it is a fresh take on not only the traditional Book of Common Prayer, but the liturgy that so many faith communities adhere to.  I also like that this book is interdenominational: prayers, traditions and perspectives from several Christian denominations are included in the book.  I believe that this book has helped me be more centered in God throughout each day, helped my mood, and allows me to consistently pray for my friends, family and co-workers through the discipline of praying every day.

During my lunch break on Friday, I had an appointment with my chiropractor.  Everything was fine... until she called me by the wrong name.  She called me Michelle instead of Richelle.  Now, I don't have anything against the name Michelle (it is a lovely name!), and people often mispronounce my name or call me by the wrong one (e.g. Rachel, Rochelle, Michelle, Rachelle) after meeting me for the first time.  My last name is even worse!  I'm trying to give my chiropractor the benefit of the doubt (it seemed like a busy Friday for her), but I get really irked when people who have known me for a long time still get my name wrong.  I've been seeing this chiropractor for almost a year now.  Is she just not paying attention?  Perhaps I should find a different chiropractor.

I don't watch TV often.  I watched TV way too much as a kid and I don't like many of the shows on network or cable TV now anyway.  Mark and I did become addicted to Lost, and were able to watch all of the shows via DVD and Hulu before the series finale last year.  I discovered a new show called Off the Map that I really like.  It's like Grey's Anatomy in the Amazon.  Do any of you watch it?  If so, what do you think of it?

I'm thinking about doing my first giveaway soon.  I will either do some jewelry that I've made, or an entry into the Minneapolis Marathon, Half-Marathon or 5K.  Let me know what you'd like the first giveaway to be!


  1. Grrr I hate being called the wrong name. My name is Michelle and my husband's ex wife's name is Melissa and one of his work buddies that he knew back when he was married to his ex came up to me all "what's up Melissa" and I wanted to punch him. It was just a slip up, but still.... not cool!

  2. An entry to the Minneapolis Half would be fantastic since I've now decided to do that one!!

  3. 3 pair of running shoes, good! You made the right thing.
    When a shoe fits I immediately buy the second pair.