Friday, July 8, 2011

Foto Friday (with videos, too!)

My friend Rachel recently celebrated her 30th birthday, and she decided to do something fun and outrageous for her birthday party.  No, I'm not talking about skydiving (although she has done that... brave woman!).  I'm talking about the Pedal Pub.

Yes, it's a pub on wheels!  The Pedal Pub holds up to 16 people, plus the driver, and has 10 pedaling seats.  It's a great way to carbo-load while getting your sweat on!

First off, however, Rachel made dinner reservations for us at Fabulous Fern's in St. Paul.  Yum!

For gifts, Rachel requested 30 of something.  I gave her 30 mini Clif bars, 30 cat stickers, and 330 temporary tattoos.

Rachel and her fiance, Matt

Having fun with one of her 30 "gifts that came from the Dollar Store and use your mouth"

Seth and Laurie give Rachel 30 hugs and kisses
After dinner, it was time for the Pedal Pub.

Our driver

Riders have to provide their own alcohol, but there is a nice tap set up for a keg

Getting started down the street

We backed up traffic until those vehicles following us could pass us

Future hubs is having a good time as we head down Selby Avenue

Here's a video of us pedaling away...

... and heading downhill...

Those of us who sat on pedal seats got quite the workout!

Taking a breather
Rachel ordered a delicious German chocolate cake from Cafe Latte, so we made a stop along the way to pick it up and eat it on the Pedal Pub.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to our dear friend

Cutting the cake

Cake and Surly Hell (great beer, btw!)

Finger-licking good!

After consuming that delicious cake, we headed on our merry way again.

We cracked open the mini-keg of Bell's Oberon

These bikers didn't intimidate us!
We stopped at the Muddy Pig for a few drinks.  I had had enough beer at this point, and was content to watch the birthday girl take shots.

At the end of the night, we helped the driver get the Pub back onto the trailer so he could transport it to the garage.

Everyone had a great time on the Pedal Pub and sending our friend into her 30s with plenty of fun memories.

The crew
Have you ever done a pub crawl or something like the Pedal Pub before?  If so, what was your experience like?


  1. wow. now that is a great idea for a birthday party!! love it.

  2. Hilarious - never in my life have I ever heard of such a thing!!! Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. I have never heard of something like that but from the pics it looks like so much fun

  4. That thing is crazy! Must have been a blast.

    You know, I keep hearing about mini Clif Bars, but I've NEVER seen them!

    By the way, I shipped your Running For The Hansons book on Friday. You should get it Monday or Tuesday I would guess. Enjoy! The author whines a lot, but it's still a good read.

  5. What a great way to celebrate 30!!!!!!! Hmm I think I did a pub crawl in college. YEARS ago!

  6. This is hilarious! I've never heard of a pedal pub. What a. Riot!

  7. What a blast Richelle!! I did a crawl YEARS ago for Halloween so much fun--we had a bus too!

  8. Wow!! I have never seen anything like that before, but I know if i had the chance I would be ALL over it! What a fun time!!! :)

  9. This is the first time that I see a pedal pub!
    Another thing learned. Thank you.

  10. What perfect timing! ..... This last weekend when I was in Portland I saw one of these. I had no idea what it was or how it worked. I mean I saw that it said "Pedal Pub" but there were just 2 people hanging out sitting on the seats. No driver. Nobody was moving anywhere. The video was great - and helpful. AND ... it looks like TONS OF FUN! I mean you wouldn't even need it to be a "pub" for that to be fun!