Monday, July 25, 2011

Showered with Love, Part 1

On Sunday, my aunt Mary (my dad's sister, whom we lovingly refer to as "Old Auntie") hosted a running-themed wedding shower for future hubs and me.  We had a great time, and it was fun to share the day with family and friends.

Here are some photos from the day:

Going with the running theme, the cake featured photos of Mark and me running, along with our favorite engagement photo

The bride-to-be and the groom-to-be with their beers

My aunt whipped up some delicious food for the shower.  My faves were the pasta salad and the blueberry cheesecake pudding.

Old Auntie explains the first game, where Mark and I passed a tray of running-related items around

Most thought they would have to write down as many items as they remembered, but they actually had to remember the colors in my corsage

Relatives chatting

The second game consisted of me trying to guess which leg belonged to my fiance while blindfolded.  Here, I'm feeling up my uncle, who happens to be a priest.

I was *this close* to saying that Mark's father's leg was his.  The legs must run in the family!

Thank God my fiance wore sandals!  Shoes and socks meant that my fiance was not in front of me.  In this photo, my uncle Bob is getting his leg felt up.

I could tell that my cousin's son Sean was in front of me because his leg was too soft, thin and hairless to be Mark's!

My cousin Mike feels totally embarrassed by this game.  I am too... notice how red my face is!
I did correctly guess which leg was Mark's, in case you were wondering. :)

Opening gifts

Mark's aunt gave us toasting goblets for the wedding.  Cheers!

Someone said something funny

At the end of the party, everyone released blue balloons containing tiny slips of paper

Everyone wrote well-wishes for us on those little slips of paper inside the balloons

Our wishes float up to the heavens

Watching the balloons until they're outta sight

Mark and I are so loved by our family and friends
Life has been extremely busy around here.  Future hubs and I close on our condo on August 12, so we're hoping and praying for everything to go smoothly.  I am beginning to pack up my stuff and compiling a few bags of items to donate to Goodwill.  We both have this Wednesday off, so we're meeting with my uncle Fr. Dave (our officiant) to finish up the last of the paperwork for the ceremony.  On that day, we are also applying for our marriage license, meeting with the vocalist, and visiting the site of the rehearsal dinner to determine the menu for the evening.  Whew... there's so much going on!

My mom's sister Jan and my cousin Rebecca is hosting a shower for us this Saturday, so I will post a few photos from that event.  Mark and I are running a race that morning, so expect a race recap, too!

OK... time for me to write out some thank-you notes!  I hope your week is starting out well!


  1. What a great shower - that seemed head and shoulders about most of the dumb shower games and activities - that was really thoughtful and appropriate and fun!!! What a great time! Will be praying for you and Mark and all of your upcoming life steps - condo, wedding, etc!!! ((hugs)) Thanks for the post - it looked like a fantastic gathering!!!!!

  2. what a sweet shower!! Love the cake. Every detail was awesome!! Enjoy every minute, Richelle!! Praying all the last details fall into place!

  3. Wow how exciting! I'll be praying for you! What a wonderful adventure!!!

  4. Best shower ever! Love the running theme--how cute is that? And what great, hilarious games. So glad you enjoyed!

  5. A running themed shower! Love it! I love the balloon idea too.

  6. Looks like a wonderful time - the leg game is too funny and what a great idea with the balloons!

    Good luck with the condo, and have fun at your next shower!

  7. A running themed wedding shower! Wow! That sounds great.It is quite funny to see you feeling up all those legs. I would hate that I must say!

  8. I love your smile adn you are going to be a gorgeous bride!!!

  9. what a cool cake!

    UMMM...that leg game...too funny! hahahaha. my face would be so red too.

    that last photo of you guys is wonderful :)

  10. It looks like a beautiful and funny day. The pictures are wonderful.
    The running cake is a great idea!

  11. thats a fun game! a little awkward but totally fun! haha


  12. What a fun time!! I was laughing so hard about the leg feeling thing. I would be dying if I had to do it. I'd laugh too hard to be able to actually tell. Of course if it was Biker Boy that I had to feel up I'd know by the shoes, the feeling of the tattoo ... or the hairless legs. (Apparently hard core cyclists shave their legs??)

    Such a fun time ... and this blueberry cheesecake pudding sounds tasty!

  13. I love this... what a great theme for a shower! :) Your family seems really fun and down to earth!