Friday, July 15, 2011

Four for Friday: Wedding Edition

1. If you're planning a wedding, be prepared for something (or multiple things) to go wrong.  Just this week, I learned that my cake vendor couldn't make the cake future hubs and I had originally envisioned.  Fortunately, Mark and I have a Plan B design and she can do that one.

2. Along with the cake snafu, we learned that our original vocalist for the ceremony backed out.  This issue bothered me more than the cake problem, especially because our vocalist could have mentioned she wasn't singing for our wedding oh, I don't know, a few months ago!  Thankfully, a former high school English teacher of mine who regularly sings at weddings in my hometown during the summer is free the weekend we're getting married.  We are so hiring her!

3. One of my co-workers saw me eating a small snack at work yesterday and commented "That's fattening, you know.  You won't be able to fit in your wedding dress."  I countered with, "Oh well, I'll just run more."  Seriously... the nerve of some people.  I just wish I would have retorted with something more witty.

4. I am spending the weekend in my hometown and will finish addressing all the invitation envelopes.  The post office will love me as I mail out all those invitations! :)

If you're married, what went wrong during your wedding?

Do you think well on your feet?
I certainly don't!


  1. Oh richelle!! So sorry. WHere to start? well, i walked in the church at our rehearsal and they had removed the PIANO and a KEYBOARD was sitting on the stage. I was so ticked that I had rented the church and they didn't contact me about such a huge thing. I was so upset. Not only had we hired a PIANO player but we also designed flowers specifically to sit on the PIANO. We went with it though and it was fine. Not great. but fine! :) Second, we got married in so. california. I never in a million years dreamed it would rain on my wedding day. Oh no, it POURED. Like torrential down pour. Flooding. We had to scrap our plans to take pictures in this beautiful lake/garden hotel setting and found a balcony that had a covering. You know what though? The minute I laid eyes on Ryan, none of the 'wrong' things really mattered anymore. It's about celebrating the two of you and no matter what goes doesn't change the joy and celebration of your marriage. Hang in there. Sounds like you are handling things awesome!! Enjoy this time!!

  2. Sorry to hear about all the mishaps. I swear, wedding planning is like a test to see how you and your future hubs get through each obstacle. Ha ha! I had a total breakdown last week when I found out my Rev was double booked. Her first wedding is at 6:30 and mine is at 7:23. Umm... it's possible for her to get to mine, but seriously two weddings in one hour? I had to take a deep breath and tell myself it will be okay. And sounds like you are doign the same thing. Just roll with the punches, and go onto plan B. It will all work in the end. *hugs*

  3. What a rude remark! Can't she see being fat isn't something you need to worry about?

  4. So I'm finally stopping by your blog!!

    The big thing that I remember was our photo slideshow froze. We missed a bunch of pictures by the time our DJ/slideshow operator got it going again.

    As a word of advice, know that folks will say they are coming and then not show up! Yeah the nerve. I never would have thought, but they do!

    Try to let it roll off your back. I warned ya!

  5. Just because you are getting married, it doesn't give people free reign to comment on your body or health habits! Rude! (okay, rant over.)

    At my wedding the rabbi was late, and we were starving by the time we ate dinner. It didn't bother me though. I was so happy to finally marry my man, nothing else mattered.*

  6. OHH my goodness - your number 3 - seriously?!?! Oh I would have surely gone off - though, I'm not quick witted either (sigh!). That's crazy rude! I thought you folks from MN were nice . . . I'm skeptical now :) Just kidding - y'all are some of the most polite people I've ever met (excluding your co-worker, apparently).

    Hmm, big disaster at my wedding - besides the blizzard that prevented us from driving to the airport was that my husband didn't get any wedding cake. We cut the cake and shared a bite and then I got a piece and the rest of the cake was distributed and my husband was no where to be found until right after the last piece had been dished out. He is a phobe and washes his hands often - he washed his hands after getting a little frosting on them during the sharing . . . so he arrived back at the table just in time to get my very last bite. Be sure that each of you get a piece!!!

  7. Ugh I'm sorry for the unwanted stress! What a rude comment.
    My MIL decided she'd make a speech at our wedding during did every.single.member.of cave mans family. It literally went on for hours. Our band was pretty much packing up to leave before the dancing ever started.
    And our video came labeled and all graphics in it for Marcia and John (not cave mans name). Plus it sucked and I've only watched it that one time.

  8. Your co-worker is a real "gentleman"! Don't worry your wedding will be perfect.
    I got married in 1979 (I was 23 and Daniela 19), everything went well.
    Have a good week end.

  9. Popped over from Domestically challenged! The only thing that went wrong at my wedding is it RAINDED. Like Cats and Dogs rained. :) What I hve learned that as long as you end up saying I Do, and end the evening with that big smiling feeling in your heart, nothing else really matters. Try and slow down the clock and enjoy your day becasue it will fly!

  10. Food comments from co-workers is one of my biggest pet peeves! I constantly have people checking out what I'm eating and sharing their two cents on what I'm eating or how much. Part of me wants to say 'did YOU run 10 miles this morning?'

  11. Nothing went wrong in our wedding! Maybe thats because it was just me, hubs, and the justice of the peace guy in Hawaii. Sorry wedding planning is so stressful :(

  12. think of something more witty? nope, just punch her right in the face. seriously. how rude.

  13. I sometimes think amazingly well on my feet, which shocks me. But usually my best lines come to me later. I hate confrontation though, so I usually choose total silence of a quick reply. However I think I can give quite "the look" so I don't actually even need to say what I'm thinking.

    I WAS married ages ago. I was planning the wedding with my mom while I was in Florida, she was in Oregon (where the wedding was). Everything went pretty easy.... until the day of. The wedding was at my mom's house and with all the extra people there, the septic system got clogged the morning of the wedding. It was hectic, but salvaged and all went as planned. Ugh - should have considered that a big sign.