Thursday, August 4, 2011

Showered with Love, Part 2

Hi everybody!  My gosh, I've missed you all!  I've missed blogging, too.  Life has been crazy busy around here.  Future hubs and I close on our condo August 12, so I've been packing up all my stuff.  When you've lived in the same place for almost five years, you accumulate a lot of things.  Wedding-related preparations have also continued, of course!

On Saturday, July 30, my aunt Jan (my mom's sister) and cousin Rebecca (my goddaughter's mother) hosted a wedding shower for Mark and me.  They went all out on this event, setting the standard for future wedding/bridal showers in the family.  Mark and I also enjoyed the rare opportunity to chat with family we hadn't seen for several years.  The shower was absolutely wonderful.  Here are some photos:

Jan and Rebecca set up a wine tasting station featuring four different wines paired with distinct cheeses

No dinner was served, but the hors d'oeurves were absolutely fabulous!

Mmmm... this pizza was tasty!

The pork and peach skewers were the most popular food item.  Yum!

Crostini, fruit skewers, Greek and antipasto skewers

Photo collage of Mark and me.  We were cute kids, weren't we? :)

Opening up gifts.  My mom (far right, wearing black) records the gifts and the gift-givers

Mark seems a little confused in this photo...

My mom and some of the other guests (L to R: co-worker Karen, landlady/roommate Judy, Mark's mom)

Best game ever!

This was one of our favorite gifts... a frame containing childhood photos of Mark and me, plus our favorite engagement photo.

Mark tries to tease me... ha!

The plaque reads "Less Santa, More Mistletoe"... yes indeed!

Opening up the box containing all the Christmas ornaments my mom had made for me since I was born

At the last shower, there's a photo of us kissing with my mom sticking her head in the middle.  This time, Mark's mom makes an appearance.

This was my favorite dessert. :)

Dessert table.  Like I said, Jan and Rebecca went all out on this party.  The standard has been set.

Mark and I opened up a wedding gift after the shower... Waterford crystal champagne flutes to use during the wedding dinner.
We are so incredibly loved and blessed by our family and friends, and we can't thank them enough for their support.

What are your plans for the weekend?
I will continue packing, along with donating items that I don't need.  Future hubs and I are going to a Twins baseball game on Sunday afternoon.  We are running a fun run that morning.


  1. Wow, I mean WOW! This is so beautiful! My husband and I eloped in Germany, since he's in the airforce there was no purchased home till many years later in our marriage(big mistake..bad market!) I'm really excited for you. I pray for lots of blessings. This road will be rough at times but it's worth the trip!(17 yrs for us on the 12th)

  2. The feeling is mutual - we miss you too!!! Thanks for the comments you leave on my blog - they ALWAYS make me smile and feel better!! You have such a good heart!!!

    Now on to that party - girl, that food looks SO YUM! It's beautiful. I love that there are little labels saying what the food is - that's genius. So often you go to a wing ding and are like 'who made that' or 'what's that'? Genius. You guys look soooo happy!!!!!!

    Praying for you two!!!!!

    God bless! ((hugs))

  3. What a lucky couple you are to have two gorgeous showers! The eats look fantastic! How can you not love a good whoopie pie!

  4. NIce shower. Funny that both moms got in the kissing pics. They don't want to be left out!

    And Emily and Jameson were making sub 14 signs in that picture because Em did it in under 14 hours.

  5. Ahhh!! You definitely were showered with love! Your shower sounded like it was absolutely perfect. And all that foood loooks sooo good. I love that you did a co-ed shower. What a cute idea! And congrats on all the moving stuff! I can't even imagine moving right before a wedding!

  6. Those flutes are beautiful! Looks like an amazing shower - so glad you enjoyed! And WOW what a spread!!!

  7. I love your post! You and future hubs are such a darn cute couple. I like the picture of you guys kissing under the plaque, "Less Santa, More Mistletoe"!

    Our Ragnar Team name is "We Like to Move It, Move It" and our start time is 10:00am. It would be awesome if we meet up somewhere along the course; I will definitely look for you.

    My husband and I along with our good friends Greg and Sarah will be at the Twins Territory TC 4K too! Greg plans to run the course and Chris, Sarah, and I will be walking together to the finish. Should be a super fun time! I'll look for you!! :)

  8. Those are great pictures!
    This weekend I am doing a long run of 15miles tomorrow and then in the afternoon we are going up to Seattle to see the Blue Angels. I think on Sunday we will spend the day organizing because the movers are coming to pick up all our stuff to send to Germany on Monday. Eek!

  9. The food looks delicious. I love to meet relatives I had not seen for several years, but this rarely happens (usually for weddings).
    You are a beautiful couple, best wishes.
    My week end: beach + LDR and recovery run.
    Have a good week end.

  10. Mercy - that food looks awesome! And I'm super jealous you guys are going to a baseball game. There is nothing better than a day at the ballpark.

  11. okay, that looks like a shower I could live with! Much cooler than mine! Go you!

  12. That's just wonderful! Your friends and family are doing such a lovely job with all of the things going on. Fun games, cute gifts, collages, yummy food ... I'm impressed!