Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Shamrocks Were A-Shakin'

As mentioned in my previous post, I signed up for the Shake Your Shamrock Virtual Run, hosted by Linzi and Aneta.

Fortunately, I could use my time from the Get Lucky 7K to count towards the virtual race.

This bib was supposed to be green in color, but I don't have a color printer.  So, I added my own flair to it. :)
Holding my bib number
I love Irish-themed races.  I enjoy dressing up in all the green I can find.  Target had great deals on green beads and socks.

All decked out in green (except for the shoes... maybe my next pair of Nike Frees will be green)!
Finish Time for the 7K = 1:10:24

I had a great time walking the 7K with my friends and fiance.  A race report for the Get Lucky 7K will be posted in a few days... as soon as I get some of the pictures and video my friends took.


  1. Wow - great job. LOVE the socks and all the green attire - very festive!!! Look at all that snow behind you . . . poor thing! Ours has finally all melted.

  2. Oh, that sounds like fun! I should have done it! You sure are purty in all your green!

  3. Omigawsh, I absolutely love how all you went!! Love the green socks and crown!! So glad you were able to shake it with us!!! :)

  4. Very creative with the outfit, and congrats on the 7K! Awesome!!!

  5. Cute! Just found your blog- I'll be checking back! : )

  6. I heart the green pompoms (Those ARE what those were right?)
    Hun, you should totally check out Nuun. You should also do something for my blog sometime in the near future - pretty please?? An interview?? :P

  7. A very nice and appropriate outfit.
    Waiting for the pics, will I see a leprechaun too?

  8. congrats on winning!
    loved your outfit~! :)

  9. Love your outfit, richelle!! Nice job! And in terms of that dream...never give up. You WILL run a marathon. I'll be praying for that knee to heal up and stay that way. You are awesome!

  10. You look adorable Richelle!!! Love the pitures!! Isn't theme racing fun?!