Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Three Things Tuesday (well... more like Four)

1. I haven't done much walking in preparation for the We Walk Marathon in May, probably only about 6-8 miles/week.  After hearing that Rachel was going to walk 10 miles, I decided to do 8 on Saturday.  I spent a little over two hours walking at the Mall of America, starting around 9:00--an hour before the stores opened.  There were a lot more people there than usual due to the Walk to Cure Diabetes that finished just before I arrived.  Walking at MOA provides plenty of distraction for me (store displays, clothing, food aromas, people-watching, etc.) but my walk still felt long and tedious.  My feet were also very sore by the end and my right knee was bothering me a little bit.

2. I had an appointment with my physical therapist this morning.  My right gluteus medius is much stronger, and I now get to incorporate a few quad strengthening exercises to my routine.  My therapist also thought that I should wear neutral shoes with my orthotics instead of stability shoes because she thought the shoe/orthotic combination was overcorrecting my problem.  Perhaps those Nike Frees will get more use that I originally planned.

3. Future hubs has been since the past week with a bad cold.  He feels better, but still has sinus congestion.  Sick Mark = Unhappy Richelle (besides the Unhappy Mark)

What's on tap for you this week?  I personally need to get my taxes done.  Mark and I need to make up the marriage prep class we missed last Thursday due to his illness.  We're also attending Minnesota Monthly's Food & Wine Show with my aunt Jan, cousin-in-law Rebecca, and cousin Kathy on Sunday afternoon.  This will be my third year attending the event, and I hope it will be the best one yet. :)


  1. Well, I was naughty Saturday and slept in since I knew I couldn't cram in 10 miles before my lunch/Chateau St. Croix date with Matt. With my sister in town this weekend from Madison, it didn't leave much time for a long walk. I did redeem myself on Sunday with a 2.5 mile walk and a 1-hour zumba class. :-D

    Monday and Tuesday I walked 3 miles over my lunch break on the treadmill while reading a really good book. I'm going to try to continue the pattern through Friday in preparation for attempting to do 10+ miles on Sunday. The training plan I sent you says to do 14, but I'll go easy and attempt to do at least 10 since I have yet to fit in a long walk on the weekend since officially signing up for the marathon last month.

    I can't believe Sarah McLachlan is already next Wednesday! We should chat during dinner before the concert about coordinating some long weekend walks together to get ready for this thing! :-D

  2. I honestly think it would be harder to walk a marathon than to run one. Hats off to you!

    If you tell your mom about magnesium supplements, I recommend Chelated Cal-Mag. I did a lot of reading up and apparently it's the easiest to absorb.

  3. We gotta get our taxes done too

  4. That is a long way to walk, but great venue for it!

  5. Great job with the walking at the MOA! I bet you were so tired after finishing but also felt a great sense of accomplishment:)

    There is all kinds of junk/sickness going around. I was so sick two weeks ago and my little guy is getting over a bad cold. Have fun at the food and wine show:)

  6. You decided to walk the marathon! I must've missed that.

    Hope the hubs feel better and enjoy the food and wine show!! YUMMY! take lots of pics to mae he rest of us jealous!

  7. A food and wine show sounds good!

  8. I didn't know about a walking marathon, it sounds interesting.
    Taxes a very bad topic.
    I hope that hubby gets well soon so Richelle is not unhappy anymore.

  9. Oh! Walking around MOA? How do you keep from stopping once the stores open? That is ALWAYS a problem for me.