Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday's Tidbits

First off, Happy Birthday to my brother Ryan!

I visited Ryan in Boston last April.  This pic was taken after I ran the B.A.A. 5K.
Race week is here for the Get Lucky 7K and 21K!  Tonight, I attended a Team Ortho volunteer coordinator meeting.  I'm taking St. Patty's Day off from my regular job to work at packet pickup and am working a half-day at packet pickup on Friday as well.  I'm very excited to meet Shannon from Running Injury Free on Thursday. :)  If you're running the Get Lucky, please stop by to see me at packet pickup.  I will be at the Team Ortho event series table on Thursday and at the info booth on Friday.

It helps to have a doctor in the house!  My roommate is a chiropractor, and I asked her to do a series of muscle tests on me as I tried on the different pairs of running shoes I currently own.  Here's what she determined:
--My Asics hurt my right knee... doesn't matter if I have my current pair of orthotics or my old pair in them, or even just the shoes with its regular sock-liners.  I will be donating those shoes very soon!
--My Nike Frees are great.  So are the Saucony Progrid Guide 3... without orthotics.
--I picked up a pair of Saucony Omni 9 (I did return the Newtons, btw... I wasn't adjusting well to them) at Running Room on Sunday.  The best pair of running shoes I ever owned were the Saucony Omni 5.  My old orthotics were created while I was still wearing the Omni series (version 7 caused me to give up the Omni), and they work well with the Omni 9, according to my roomie.

I've been reading up on minimalist/barefoot running and am very intrigued by it, but I'm not sure if I can make the switch just yet.  Part of me is scared to take the leap, and the other part of me wants to do more research.  I will definitely be following misszippy's journey closely!

Future hubs and I started our wedding gift registry at Target on Sunday evening.  We've got lots of kitchen items on our list, as well as several bath items and other odds and ends.  I had the scan gun for awhile, but after Mark pouted asked nicely if he could scan for a while, I handed the gun over to him.  This has been one of our favorite wedding prep tasks so far.

Do you ever get annoyed when people don't return items where they belong?  I do!

I'll take season two of the Nilla Wafers with season four of Fiber One
Have a great week!


  1. That scan gun looks like fun!
    Have fun this weekend.

  2. I totally get that fear...I have been toying with the idea for longer than a year, but was afraid to make the leap. Having this layoff put me at square one anyhow, so I figured why not? You'll know if/when you're ready!

  3. I think the one (and only) thing I regret or miss about not having a "real" wedding was the whole registry thing.

  4. Registering is so much fun!

    have a good time volunteering at the race!

  5. Oh you'd hate me. I leave "orphans" scattered around the grocery store all the time.

  6. Happy belated birthday to Ryan!!!
    Enjoy the race.
    About the shoes: I have found a shop in Rome where the owner and his employers are runners. Before buying the shoes you make some tests on the computerized treadmill and by the electronic foot prints. I have solved all my problems!!!

  7. Would love to scan at Target to tell people what to get me. Have fun.

  8. I am in the same barefoot/miminal boat as well.
    I have a friend who is using the Nike Free, and she likes them as well. Maybe I will try them.
    What asics were you in?

  9. Sara - I wore the Asics Gel-Kayano 16. They were a stiff pair of shoes from the get-go. I wish I could have returned them. Oh well.

  10. I have had the MOST difficulty selecting shoes. I feel as if I have literally tried EVERY type of neutral shoe (though, I really haven't). It's been such a HUGELY frustrating time. One hurts my knee, almost all hurt my heel, some give me shin splints. (Sigh). I love that your roomie was able to do muscle tests while you wore the different shoes. Is that something that most chiropractors can do and if not, are there other specialists who can do that???? I think I need something like that?
    Have fun with the race packet pick up - it's always great to interact with the wide variety of people (newbies to "pros").
    Happy belated Bday! Happy early St. Patrick's Day!"

  11. I thought registering for wedding gifts would be so much fun, but found out it was kind of stressful to pick which items to pick. After awhile though the fiance' got into it. I'm glad you guys had fun!!! :)