Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father Figure

My dad is an awesome guy.

Me with my dad, snow tubing at Eagle Mountain on Boxing Day 2008
He checks my car (a.k.a. Miss Pinot Noir) every time I drive up for the weekend, and every 3,000 miles, he services her (i.e. oil change, checking tire pressure, etc.).  This next weekend, he will fix a problem with the front bumper.

Hiking at Cascade River State Park last summer
Dad accompanied me to Omaha in 2007 just so I could run a half-marathon and visit a state I had never been to before.

Dad reading a placard along the Missouri River
Dad took this photo of me at the 10K mark of the half-marathon
He puts up with a lot of crap from the women in his life, ha ha!

Mom takes a breather after a long hike
He has given me plenty of good advice over the years and has been so encouraging and supportive of my crazy ideas and dreams.  He has always been a good provider for my family.  He is now retired and loves to spend time tinkering in the garage, hunting, fishing, hiking and reading.

Dad and me at Temperance River State Park in 2009
I'm truly blessed to have such a great dad.  Happy Father's Day!


  1. What a great guy! Dads are the best. Well, a lot of dads anyway. Glad yours is one of the great ones.

  2. Aw, sweet post and a great tribute to a great dad!

  3. Perfect tribute! He looks and sounds awesome!

  4. The bench sitting picture cracks me up -
    Great post!

  5. This is very nice. I bet your father loved this post.

  6. I love this post :)

  7. Too cute. Happy Fathers' day to your dad :)

    p.s. - Yes, I've donated to Locks of Love twice, this past time was to the Pantene Program though (apparently they make wigs for adults, not kids). Such wonderful programs.

  8. Such a great post Richelle. So blessed to have a father like that in your life and to walk you done the aisle!!!