Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mostly Non-Wordless Wednesday

Spring seems to have been entirely skipped this year in Minnesota.  Yesterday, the temperature reached a record 103 degrees Fahrenheit (39.5 degrees Celsius for all my Canadian and European followers) here in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.  Yuck!  I stayed indoors for a treadmill workout.  The temps are cooler today, but it's still quite warm.  I better get used to this hot and sticky weather for Ragnar!

Dinner with Maggie and Vanessa at Cafe Latte on Friday night was fabulous!  Salad and cheesecake kept me cool and my stomach satisfied, and I certainly could not top the time spent with my good friends.  I wish I had taken some photos... darn!  Volunteering on Saturday was fun and I talked to runners from all over the country.  I got an 8-mile run in Sunday morning before church (total time = 1:11:25), then headed up to my hometown later that afternoon.  Mom, Dad and I went out to eat at Zylka's Red Bull Bar because Mom won $25 worth of gift certificates.  The food was good but greasy.

Monday morning brought two wedding-related appointments.  All of the decor for the reception/dinner/dance site that my family isn't providing (such as the tulle with lights draped over the dance floor and the lighted table cover for the head table, among other things) will be furnished by Dee's Decorating.  "Butch the Printer Guy" (this is what I'm going to call him from now on) will have the printed parts of the wedding invites completed by the end of the week so the invites can be assembled this weekend.

Future hubs and I had our engagement photos taken Monday afternoon at Chateau St. Croix Winery by Kim Kasl, a college classmate of mine.  Although it was a hot day, Mark and I had so much fun being lovey-dovey at our favorite winery.  Kim posted 10 of the photos from the day on her Facebook page, here are four of them (taken from the webpage):

This one is my favorite... so far...

Mark and I could not have asked for better photos.  I can't wait to see the rest of them, and I will be sure to post a few more as soon as I get them. :)  Kim will be photographing our wedding, so I know our pictures will turn out fabulous!

Unfortunately, the weekend caught up to me and now I have a bad cold.  I woke up with a sore throat yesterday and today I have lots of sinus congestion.  I hope I get well by the weekend so that I'm feeling 100% for the wedding-related stuff I'm doing.

Back in late February, Marlene @ Mission to a(nother) Marathon hosted a fundraiser giveaway and I won it.  Besides the $75 CSN Stores gift certificate, I received a little package in the mail on Monday:

Two of my favorite Canadian candy products were included in the package, plus I love Lindt truffles.  I've got plenty of training runs ahead of me this summer to try out the Gu gel and chomps (I usually use Clif products), Ultima and eLoad.  I'm thinking those socks will be perfect for a future race... when it's cooler outside!  Thanks again, Marlene!  I love following your blog.

Stay tuned for my giveaway, which will be posted tomorrow. :)


  1. I talked about you and your weather today. I saw it on CNN's HLN and saw your forecast was for 99 degrees (maybe not exactly YOUR forecast, but Minneapolis's). The person I was talking to agreed that you all aren't accustomed to that heat. I was thinking you still had some snow on the ground for sure in April - wow!!!
    I think all of your engagement pix are cute!!!!

  2. We live in Minnesota where the temps can swing from -60 F(-50 C) to 105 F (41 C). A swing that could almost boil water. Is it any wonder that some of the roads even gave up the other day? I went for a 15 mile bike ride in that wonderful weather.

  3. The pics are awesome! MN weather? Yeah, you said it. From 100's to last night wearing pants and jackets!?

  4. Love the engagement pics and LOVE the last pic with all of the candy!!!

  5. Love the photos. Feel better soon.

  6. 39° C too hot!
    Great pics. Especially the third.

  7. Your engagement photos are great!!! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! :) And that is so great that you were able to get them. Since our engagement was so short (6 months) we opted not to do them to save a little money. But I totally wish we had. You will have these memories forever! :)