Thursday, June 2, 2011

Three (+2) Things Thursday

1. The Star Tribune published a fascinating article about barefoot running in today's paper.  You can check it out HERE.

2. I've had a busy week (gotta love overtime at work... not!) and have an even busier weekend on tap.  Tomorrow night after work, I'm eating dinner with two college friends at Cafe Latte in St. Paul (bring on the cheesecake!).  I'm volunteering all day Saturday at packet pickup for the Minneapolis Marathon.  Sunday morning brings my long run for the week where I'm hoping to do 7-8 miles, followed by a drive up to my hometown to work on wedding stuff with my mom.  The plan is to get the printed parts of my invites done and cut to size for assembly the following weekend.  Future hubs and I are having our engagement photos done on Monday afternoon.  Can't wait!  I hope the weather cooperates for us.

3. I'm going to push my giveaway back a week, so stay posted for all the details.  Sorry for the delay! :(

4. Do you take horrible race photos?  I know I do.  The race photographers usually catch me at my worst, looking like I will vomit or die.  Fortunately, there were some good ones captured by MarathonFoto at the Stillwater 10K this past weekend...

Best finish line photo EVER!


OK, this one wasn't great.  I look possessed!
5. What's your song or band of the moment?  I've been listening to Live a lot lately.

"I Alone," "Pillar of Davidson," "Lakini's Juice" and "The Dolphin's Cry" are also good songs of theirs that I like.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Maybe I'm weird, but I like the third picture the most. It really communicates the feeling of running well; lots of action and movement in it. The face is a little contorted but I've seen a lot worse. If I ordered just one, that would be it (Plus, the overall exposure is better).

    Lastly, the barefoot article. From a physiological perspective, when someone starts out running between months 3-5 there will be a de-mineralization process in the bones before they start getting stronger.

    Also, new runners typically will start seeing a lot of progress around week 10. So naturally they want to kick up their running a couple notches, what do you think happens?

    So, they get injured, quit running for a year, come back and try again and the same thing happens.

    So, next time they decide to run barefoot. Now they can't land on their heels; they need to lean forward more. After a short bit they think this is a lot harder than the last time I tried this.

    It is harder. Being more of a forefoot striker uses a lot more energy to keep going. The muscles in the calves are worked a lot more. But there is less stress being placed on the skeleton so the runner is healthier.

    Where does this put us? Nowhere.

    The other day I did some sprints barefoot on the football field after a workout during which I wore shoes. The work out was fun, but the barefoot sprints were a blast! Will I stop wearing shoes? No. Will I take the opportunity to run barefoot again? Yes.

    Moral of the story: anything we do takes time. Rushing the process (running harder when not ready) leads to injury. Invest in it for the long haul and for the joy and it'll all work out.

    And, btw, nice pictures, I liked the third one! :)

  2. Wow, busy weekend planned - sounds like fun though!! Enjoy!

    I have had my fair share of bad race photos, but I seem to get lucky with good ones also. Then again, I kind of love the ones where I look like I am dying. They tell a good story. :)

    I haven't listened to Live in YEARS! Will have to check them out again.

  3. I love Cafe Latte - I went to William Mitchell and have lots of fond memories of studying there (while eating cheesecake of course). Have a great weekend!

  4. That is a great finish line photo! I take horrible race photos.

    I am not volunteering this weekend because a one of my college roommates is coming into town to hang out with me. We are going to run the half. I mean jog it. Hopefully, I will run into you at the packet pickup.

  5. Live's "They Stood Up For Love" is one of my all-time favorite songs.

    I was on a HUGE 30 Seconds to Mars kick for a while, but it's faded somewhat. Still can't get enough of "Closer to the Edge" though.

  6. You do sound like you have a crazy busy weekend planned, but it will be both fun and productive. You're awesome for helping with packet pick up!!! Good luck getting your printed part of the invitations done.
    That is a GREAT finish line photo - look how happy and relaxed you are!!!!

  7. Good luck getting your invites done to the point you are planning. Post a picture of them once you have them ready.

  8. You are awesome. I am blessed. Might have to borrow your Live CD

  9. Wow exciting wedding stuff!
    I take more bad running pics than good. The finish line ones are good but anything running I usually have my tongue out or eyes shut or both.
    I like what Danny said above.

  10. Indeed I like very much the third photo. You look fast with an easy pace.
    I take every race picture: they are my memories.

  11. Oh I'm the worst at race photos. Never had a good one but maybe one of these days...
    If you discover the secret to good ones let me know!

  12. hope you had a great weekend! sounds like fun stuff!! Your pictures are awesome!

  13. How fun that you volunteered at a marathon..that is definitely something I want to do. It's been hard because all the races I've wanted to volunteer for, I ended up running in. LOL! I can't wait to hear how the engagment shoot goes...sooooo exciting!! :)