Thursday, June 23, 2011

Three x 2 Things Thursday

1. Today is the last day for you to enter my "Minnesota Nice" giveaway.  Seriously, there are lots of fun goodies you could win, so make sure you do so before 11:59 p.m. Central Time tonight.  I will post the winner tomorrow.  Good luck to all who have entered!

2. Life is getting busier around here now that future hubs and I will be getting married in less than three months (yay!).  I can't believe how fast time is flying!  Invitations will be going out soon, and we need to pick out music for the wedding ceremony so we can notify our musicians.  Other minor details need to be figured out, too.

3. Mark and I made an offer on a condo on Tuesday.  It's a short sale, so it may take up to two months or longer for us to find out if the bank approves our offer.  We really want this condo for several reasons:
  • It's close enough to my workplace, a grocery store, and several restaurants that we could walk there
  • It's move-in ready (once the current occupants move out, that is)
  • It's had several updates, and has a fantastic deck with a nice view
  • It's the right amount of space for us at this point in our lives
  • We can't beat the price (around $33,000)
 Mark and I are hoping and praying that the condo will become ours.

4. This week is the week for aches and pains of several kinds for me.  Not only is it "that time of the month" for me (sorry for the TMI!), but my stomach and right knee have been feeling wonky.  However, I'm feeling better.  I skipped my usual Wednesday night run and went for a four-miler this morning.  That extra rest day helped!  My stomach appears to be back to normal, too.

Have you ever lost a toenail before due to running?

Mind the gap!
I did last year.  It felt like a blister was forming underneath the toenail, and my toe felt tender when I pressed on the nail.  Eventually, I ripped off the nail.  Ironically, I feel like I'm going to lose the nail from that same toe again this year.  I'm not sure why; it's not my socks, and I'm wearing different shoes this year compared to last year.  Do you know why we runners lose toenails?

5. I have the best fiance ever... :-)

6. What's on tap for you this weekend?  I took a couple days off from work so I could enjoy a long weekend in my hometown.  I'm attending a wine tasting this evening, running a 5K race on Saturday, and working on addressing wedding invites.

Good luck to everyone who is racing this weekend!


  1. Mind the gap - hilarious! $33,000 for a condo - wow, girl, that's a super bargain! I had dated a guy from living in Minneapolis and did some condo/home shopping with him and they were insanely high priced - great find! Hope you get it! Beautiful flowers! I have never lost a toe nail - thankfully (that would just be the icing on my constantly injured self!)

  2. I have lost my share of toenails. :S

    Gorgeous flowers!! Good job, Mark. :) Enjoy the long weekend at home!

  3. I have never lost a toenail. Just had a few black ones. I am running my first 10 miler this weekend. Automatic PR.

  4. Hope everything works out with the condo, sounds like a really good deal. Have a great long weekend!

  5. I lost a big toe nail in high school from basketball, and my pinky toe nail last summer from marathon training. I'm counting down to losing BOTH big toe nails right now. Waaaaaaaaaaah! Is it your second toenail? Are you monkey toed? (second toe longer than your big toe?) If so it might be getting the brunt of the impact on the shoe when you run. Sucky.

  6. Enjoy your nice long weekend! I have never lost a toe nail, though (after the wedding of course) I wouldn't mind if i lost one. It seems so hardcore!! LOL! Good luck on your race this weekend!

  7. Hey Richelle - I love your blog! :)

    I have lost a toe nail due to running! :( I've always heard that it's just the rubbing on your toes on the front of the shoe. Maybe sizing a half size up will help?

    Congrats on the upcoming wedding... those flowers are beautiful!

    Good luck with the 5k this weekend!

  8. Glad you enjoy the flowers. Will use this comment to also plug my blog. Not terribly frequent, but often hilarious.

    Love you babe. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Wow! Really hope the condo works out for you. Sounds awesome. Word of caution though: If there is anything I've learned from 2 real estate agent parents and my own home hunt it's that you shouldn't get too attached until the keys are in hand. Mine literally fell through 2 days before closing. There are just a bazillion things that could go wrong. Sorry if I'm being a party pooper. haha.

  10. Good luck with the condo! Exciting! Yes i typically lose my second toenail. They say it's cuz shoes are too small but when i get measured they tell me to buy even smaller shoes. Whatever. Now my big toenails feeling weird, like maybe that one will go too and I havent even done a marathon this spring.
    Gorgeous flowers.

  11. I have never lost a toenail.
    Enjoy your long week end off.
    Beautiful flowers.
    Here beach and sea.