Monday, December 13, 2010

A Sunday in pictures

We Minnesotans are tough.  We just lived through the fifth-greatest snowstorm on record and the worst December snowstorm in state history.  Add the chilly temps (hovering around zero with wind chills dipping way below that), and you've got a recipe for a frigid winter.  Brilliant sunlight on Sunday reflected the snow-changed terrain, and much more.

My neighbor's car was buried when the plow passed through:
Too bad he had to dispose of his snow right into the street, creating a prime spot for fishtailing.  Jerk!

This cop car isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  It would have been funnier if the car were parked in front of a donut shop.

Did you hear?  The Metrodome's roof collapsed!  I'm anticipating another push by the Vikings for a new stadium.

Instead of driving up to my hometown to help my parents with Christmas decorating (roads were still dicey in a few places), future hubs and I celebrated day two of my goddaughter's second birthday celebration.

Grandma and Grandpa (my aunt and uncle) were also there and gave Rachel a play kitchen for her birthday:

Rachel receives call on her kitchen's new phone  What a popular girl!

 Mom (Rebecca) helps Rachel open up the box of "food"

 "Mmm... cookies!"

"I better balance out my meal with an apple and corn-on-the-cob!"

One wall in the basement was devoted to Rachel's artwork:

Abe and his "babes": this collage Rachel completed in day care made me laugh so hard.

We ate dinner after Rachel opened her gifts.  She really liked the DQ ice cream cake her parents got for her.

I have the best goddaughter in the whole world.  Rachel is a sweetheart. :)

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  1. She is adorable!!!! ...and that collage?!! awesome!!! LOL! i didn't know the metrodome roof collapsed! crazy.