Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Today or Tomorrow

Over seven years ago, I went clubbing with some friends.  I met a guy who looked like a cross between Edward Norton and Bob Dylan, and I spent the rest of the night dancing with him.  Josh was a music student at an arts college in Seattle and was visiting relatives for part of the summer in Minnesota.  A few nights later, we went on a date, but decided that a long-distance relationship would never work, so we decided to remain friends.

Fast-forward about two years later.  My good friend, Seth, and I went to Seattle during my spring break as I'd never been there before.  We visited Josh and he showed us around Seattle.  His parents even hosted a dinner for us on our first night there.  I've never heard so many Ole and Lena jokes as I did that night.  Our most memorable excursion of the trip was when we went hiking up Mt. Crystal, near Mt. Rainier, and it got dark as we were heading down the mountain.  We were ill-prepared, and found our path down the mountain by the light of Seth's cell phone.

Now a well-known jazz pianist in the Seattle music scene, Josh Rawlings performed this past Saturday at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis.  Future hubs and I went to see his show, and it was awesome.  I also enjoyed reconnecting with Josh, even though we were only able to chat for a few minutes.

Here are some pictures from the event:

I also spent a good part of this past weekend working on jewelry that I will be selling this coming weekend at a craft sale in my hometown.  I'm hoping that a lot of my merchandise will sell.


  1. I love jazz music! It sounds like you had a great time in Seattle:)

    Isn't it funny how people relate Minnesota to those Ole and Lena jokes:) I have heard my share of those as well.

    Good luck with the craft sale!

  2. sounds like a great show and a fun connection!! thanks for stopping by my blog! look forward to following!!

  3. Just found your blog, great personal records! I would love to run Ragnar too, sounds like an awesome time!

  4. I synched you to my LJ today -- looking forward to keeping up with your entries in your new blog! :-D