Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010: Reviewed

Since this blog is new (if you really want to hear my whole back story, check out my old blog Corporate Servitude), I didn't post any running goals at the beginning of the year like many of my fellow bloggers.  However, I did have some goals for my running season this year.  Let's see how I stacked up:

Run a marathon: Nope, nada, not even close!  I thought the Minneapolis Marathon would have been my first marathon, but ITBS reared its ugly head.

Break two hours in the half-marathon: Even with the rain, I smashed my old HM PR (which was 2:02:53 from the 2009 Monster Dash) at the Portland Half-Marathon this year.
Love this picture!  Mark took this great action shot.

On my way to a new PR of 1:52:43

This finisher's medal has become one of my favorites.
Run Ragnar Relay Great River 2010: Done!  I originally wasn't going to do this race when my uncle first asked me.  I was still recovering from my ITBS injury.  I'm glad future hubs decided to sign up because that motivated me to do the same.

Set a new 5K PR: I bested my 5K PR three times this year.  23:51 is where it stands now.  I'm also glad I broke the 25 minute barrier.

Run a new 10K PR: 52:57 at the Boston Scientific Heart of Summer 10K.  I knew the course well (twice around Lake Nokomis) because I run there a lot during the summer.

PR in the 10-Mile: 1:19:45 at Women Run the Cities.  This was one of my favorite races this year because I felt great the whole time.  The day was beautiful, the fall colors were showing, and though I kept a tough pace, I felt strong.  My friend Lisa set a new PR at this race, too.

Stay injury-free after ITBS earlier this year: Unfortunately did not happen.  An old pain flared up in my right knee again a week or two after Portland.  The Turkey Day 5K was painful because of it.  I've been doing plenty of cross-training in the meantime, and my knee finally feels better.  I plan to start running again after the new year starts.

Win an age-group award: I took first in my age group at the Minneapolis 5K and second at the River Rat 5K.  I was the second overall female finisher at both the Platte River 5K and Vibha 5K.

Because I'm getting married next September, wedding planning will be taking up most of my free time in 2011.  I will also need to find a new place to live.  Therefore, my running season will be more about maintaining good fitness and a healthy weight instead of completing goals and setting new records.

I do have a few goals I'd like to complete in 2011, though:
  • Post a better finish at the Get Lucky 7K (44:09 this year--ouch!) in March
  • Complete a triathlon (I plan on doing one of the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlons first, then will work my way up to a sprint tri)
  • Complete a duathlon
  • Finish a marathon (Mark and I signed up for the We Walk! Marathon on the Lake Wobegon Trail.  Yes, we will be walking a marathon.  Sounds long and grueling, doesn't it?)
  • Try a new distance (I'd love to do the City of Lakes 25K, but that race is very close to my wedding date)
Mostly, I want to stay injury free and continue cross-training (yoga, spinning, strength training, rollerblading in the summer) as I incorporate running back into my workout regiment.  I also plan on doing less races in 2011 (I ran 18 this year!) to save a little moola.  Volunteering for Team Ortho Foundation definitely pays off since I can use the volunteer hours I've logged to pay for TO races.  I need to find more opportunities like that.

Speaking of Team Ortho, I will be volunteering for their first race of 2011: the Polar Dash.  If you want to run a great race on New Year's Day, sign up for it!  Future hubs and I ran (and volunteered for) it last year and had a blast.  I will be at the info tent tomorrow evening during packet pickup and on Saturday for the whole day.  If you're running the Polar Dash, please stop by and say hi.  I look forward to meeting you.


  1. Thanks for entering my giveaway!

    You are so speedy with your race times. you could totally rock a marathon.

  2. 2010 was a year full of satisfactions: many PR and an age group award. Congrats! I like the "great action shot" too: beautiful.