Monday, April 4, 2011

I've Been Tagged!

Danny over at A Quest for Running Perfection recently honored me with a Stylish Blogger Award.

Thanks, Danny!  Be sure to check out his blog and become a follower if you haven't already!

Next step: Share 7 random things about yourself.

OK... here we go!

1. I hate elevators.  I feel very unsteady after getting off an elevator, as if I'm going to fall right through the floor.  I will ALWAYS choose the stairs or escalator over an elevator if they are available.

2. I do not have pierced ears.  I wanted to get them pierced for a few months when I was 13 years old, but then I outgrew that phase.  I may get them pierced soon so I can wear earrings for my wedding. :)

3. I have been to all 50 U.S. states.  Someday, I would like to go back to the two states I didn't spend much time in: Colorado and Utah.  I love traveling.

4. I lived in Canada (for four months).  I spent my last semester of college studying at Cape Breton University in Sydney, Nova Scotia through the National Student Exchange program.  Even though I missed my friends and family back home, I wouldn't trade that experience for anything.  Spending a semester in Canada taught me that I could relocate anywhere and not know a soul, and yet create a life for myself.  Plus, I developed a love of Tim Hortons, Alexander Keith's beer, Boston Pizza and Canadian candy like Smarties and Mr. Big. :)

5. I used to be afraid of going underwater.  I failed swimming lessons because I was too afraid to float face down, let alone submerge my entire head underwater.  But then, when I was about eight years old, I discovered Baywatch.

Every week, I watched the adventures of the tanned California lifeguards.  I wanted to grow up to be like them; I wanted to be a lifeguard.  With that goal in mind, I got over my fear of being underwater and passed several years of swimming lessons.  I never did become a lifeguard, but I'm still a good swimmer.

6. It's extremely difficult for me to swallow pills.  I have a strong gag reflex.  Pills that are about the size of a regular Advil are fine, but if they're larger, I have to bite them in half or smaller in order to swallow them.  I do this with the multivitamin and glucosamine/chondroitin tablets I take, but this poses a problem for the fish oil capsules.  I have to poke a hole in the side of the capsule and squeeze the fish oil into my mouth.  Gross... but it works.

7.  I used to have long hair.  It had a slight natural wave to it and reached down to the middle of my back.  My mom used to braid my hair when I was a kid.  I permed it in high school, as you can tell from my senior pictures.

My hair stayed long and curly until my freshman year of college.  Then, I chopped it off and my hairstyle has remained short ever since.


Now, it's your turn.  The following bloggers have been tagged:

I think I was supposed to tag 15 bloggers, but I thought I'd go with seven to match the number of questions. :)

Have a great week!


  1. that's so great you got over your underwater phobia. I need to take the swim bull by the horns one of these years...not sure if it'll be in this lifetime though.

  2. Wow, so cool that you have been to all 50 States! And I didn't realize you had spent so much time in Canada too! MMMMM Tim Horton's and Mr. Big! :D

    You are hardcore for squeezing the fish oil in your mouth. Blech!

  3. Thanks for the tag! I'll try to get my random things posted before I leave for Chicago.

    I don't have pierced ears either. I got them pierced when I was 12 or so but they never healed properly so I let them close up. I can't even imagine wearing earrings now.

    Love the short hair. I wish I had the guts to try it again.

    And I agree with Marlene, hardcore on the fish oil thing. Have you ever taken Krill oil? That's even worse!


    I hope you are having a great birthday!

    I am impressed that you have been to all 50 states. I have lived in the 2 states you haven't spent much time in. They are both awesome with all the outdoor stuff and mountains.

    Happy birthday again!

  5. I'm not so much afraid of water...only deep water, that I can't see the bottom or I don't know whats in there. Lakes, ponds, and the ocean are the worst!

  6. Hey thanks. I lived in Canada fora school year -waaaaaaaaay up in Northern Quebec. I loved it! I wish I had been to all 50 states. Did you have a favorite? Where did you go in Vermont?

  7. Like your blog background photo - it's lovely!
    Thanks for the nod.
    You are adorable in your piccolo pix! Swallowing pills - huh! Elevators - hmmmm!
    Great post - thanks for sharing.

  8. I'm with you on the non-pierced ears. Other than that, I give you props for unique.

    And thank you for the mention. I'll have to work up a post for that this week!

  9. Over-achiever. Making my 5 tags look bad!! (Or maybe you're just better at following the rules - I never read them).

    So, perhaps some good came out of the Baywatch series, INCREDIBLE! You should get in an elevator and then have your best friend shut off the power several times as you go down. That should cure any phobias :)

  10. I have to know about this Mr. Big. I am rather impressed that the show Baywatch had a positive impact on anyone! I love it!

  11. I'm glad you tagged Leah, because she tagged me! Glad to be a new follower for you!

  12. Okay, #3?!! YOu have been to all 50?!! That's amazing!

    Lovin' the senior pics!!!

  13. A nice list with many beautiful pictures