Sunday, January 16, 2011

Don't stop believing!

As promised, here is the one picture on my camera from my company's holiday party:

Joe is our company's maintenance specialist.  I do his scheduling and billing.  He is one of my favorite co-workers.
Upon recommendation from my friend David, I made an appointment for active release technique therapy at Eagle Trace Wellness Center.  David, who commutes by bike everywhere (yes, even during the typical cold Minnesota winter!) was in a bike accident last summer and damaged his shoulder.  After a few sessions of ART, his shoulder was as good as new.  So, on Friday morning, I saw Dr. Maria.  She applied pressure at several points along my quad and adductor muscles while simultaneously stretching out my right leg.  Wow... she definitely found some tight muscles!  My knee felt much better after the ART treatment.  I had ultrasound therapy and cold level laser therapy applied to my right knee area and that also seemed to help.  I have two ART treatments this coming week and will probably have two more next week.  I am hopeful that this will get me running soon!

Marathon Sports in Minneapolis is hosting a Good Form Running Clinic on Thursday.  I definitely am a heel-striker when I run and I suspect that has been a contributing factor to the running injuries I've sustained over the past few years.  I am seriously considering attending this clinic.  I think it will help me be a more efficient and less injury-prone runner.  I've watched a few of the GFR videos online and have even been paying more attention to how I walk.  Have any of you attended a GFR clinic (or something similar)?  Has it helped you?  What kind of stride or running gait do you have?  Has changing it helped you?

This weekend, future hubs and I attended a marriage preparation course.  We're getting married in the Catholic Church, so a prep course is required.  Overall, we found the course helpful (and very Catholic, of course!) and now have plenty of things to discuss and figure out.  I also discovered that there are more forms of Natural Family Planning (NFP) other than the "rhythm method."  Mark and I are not planning on having any children, so if we use NFP we'd use it to prevent pregnancy.

I've been having a lot of fun listening to Journey and Foreigner today.  Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong decade. :)

Have a great week, everybody!


  1. A lot of interesting topics:
    - Glad that the treatment works for you. I never went to a GFR clinic but I have learned to have a weekly phisio and a thermal bath;
    - I had to follow the marriage preparation course too;
    - I was born in the right period for the music because I had the possibility to enjoy the fantastic 70's.

  2. have a great week!

  3. That clinic sounds very interesting. Please tell me EVERYTHING you learn. As I just bought my first pair of vibrams and am excited about the possibility of running in them someday. But I am still a little unsure about whether or not everyone should be running barefoot.

    Oh and that marriage class sounds like a good idea! I hope it was a posative experience for you both!

  4. Isn't ART great?! I swear by it now. have a great week!