Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday's Six

1.  I've been away from bloggy-land for a few days because I've been spending a lot of my free time hanging out with friends.  Wednesday night, I hit up the Lions Tap with my college friend Jon.  Thursday evening called for pizza and wine with Janice and Claire.  Friday night, future hubs and I met our friends Scott and Erika at the recently relocated Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge (love the new location!) in Minneapolis.  And today, I ate lunch and shopped with Emily, another good college friend and former roommate.  I'm looking forward to dinner tomorrow night with Kim and Katie.

Seriously... one of the best cures for the winter blues is hanging out with good friends.

2.  Future hubs and I looked at a condo and a house Friday evening before meeting up with Scott and Erika.  We both currently rent (I rent the upstairs of a house and he rents a room in a townhouse) and are looking for a place to live (and buy!) once we get married.  These first two showings were very educational for us: we've refined what we're looking for in a residence.  If you have any advice for us, please comment on this blog post.

3.  Upon recommendation from Dr. Maria, I tried running again Monday and Wednesday and was able to complete 15 minutes of it both days.  I doubt I'll get in a run this weekend (hopefully a walk at MOA tomorrow before the crowds get too hectic), but I'm looking forward to running again Monday and Wednesday.  I really believe that the ART treatments are helping me.  Dr. Maria and I had a good conversation about running form and minimalist running on Wednesday, which leads me to...

4.  The Good Form Running Clinic I was planning to attend this coming Thursday was canceled, but has been rescheduled for Feb. 10.  I'm disappointed that I'll have to wait longer to attend the clinic, but you know what they say... Good things come to those who wait!

5.  I've been checking out several websites about running form.  Good Form Running and Newton Running have been informative so far.  Any other recommendations?

6.  I sold my first piece of jewelry on Etsy!!!!!  I've posted a few more items for sale, but I think my jewelry will be more inviting to customers if I post better pictures of what I'm selling.  Plus, I need to post more jewelry.  That will be a project for tomorrow.

How is your weekend going?


  1. Wow, this is the first comment!!!
    The time spent with the friends is always a good solution.
    Good luck on the art treatments.
    Sorry but I cannot help you about the running form and a to buy.

  2. Good luck buying a place! It's an exciting time when you decide.

  3. Hello! Thanks for the suggestion about my little basket. I have thought of doing a giveaway for one stuffed with some runner goods like GUs, Chomps, etc. Look for it soon!

    Also, it's not 100% definite, but I think I've decided to do Minneapolis for my new destination half!

  4. How exciting to be looking for a new place. I hope you get some good suggestions.

  5. Hi Richelle--Buying your first house is so exciting! My only advice would be to look beyond the cosmetic; there's always so much you can change in a house, so if you love the location and the house has "good bones" keep it as a contender.

    I got your comment on my blog about injuries, minimalism, etc. It sounds to me like you are doing the right thing with the clinic you'll be attending. My big takeaway from Fri. night's event that I attended is that it is a journey...and not a fast one. So if you want to see it through, bring your patience along! Good luck with it.

  6. SOunds like you have had a busy and fulfilling weekend! I hope you are able to go for further than 15 minutes without pain!

    Becoming a homeowner is very exciting and stressful! Sounds like the two of you are ready!!