Monday, May 23, 2011

Art, Running and Tornadoes

Art-A-Whirl turned out to be a success for me, even though it didn't start out that way.  I had no sales on Friday, causing me to question whether my jewelry was any good.  I sold two necklaces on Saturday and went home knowing that the weekend wasn't a complete bust.  Sunday was my best day (five bracelets, two necklaces, three pairs of earrings, and a bracelet/earrings set went to happy homes).  Overall, I had $141 in jewelry sales.

Here are a few pictures, courtesy of my friend Kim:

Scarves and ties really dress up a table
Hanging jewelry on a branch was future hubs' idea
A bunch of bracelets
The artist and her table
Things I learned:
1. The items I thought would sell didn't and those I didn't think would sell did.  Never underestimate what someone wants in a piece of jewelry.
2. Set up a lamp either on the table or next to it.  Like flies to a zapper, the warm glow will draw the patrons in.  At least that's what happened with the other woman that was selling jewelry near me in the Waterbury building.
3. I need better business cards... something more artistic... maybe with a photo in the background.
4. Similar to the business card thing, I need better price tags.  Mine look way too homemade.

Rainy weather this weekend caused a significant drop in Art-A-Whirl attendance this year.  Hopefully the weather next year will be nicer.

Speaking of the weather, the sky unleashed a fury of severe storms and tornadoes this weekend in the Midwest.  Three tornadoes hit the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, with the most damage occurring to neighborhoods in north Minneapolis.  One of my best friends lives in north Minneapolis with his girlfriend.  Fortunately, they were not hurt and their house is okay.  Reading about the devastation in the paper and online and seeing the pictures is heart-wrenching.  Please keep those affected by the major storms throughout the country in your thoughts and prayers.

For the second year in a row, I'm running Ragnar Relay (Great River).  Some of the members have changed this year, but we've got a good core of veterans returning for more hot weather/stinky vans/sleep deprivation fun.  We had our first team meeting on Sunday night, although it was mostly van-specific (future hubs and I are in van 2).  We've got a great crew on board this year.

The course has changed this year in several places, and I discovered that I (runner #7) will be running a total of 16.9 miles this year instead of 13.2.  My longest leg of the relay will be my last one (6.5 miles), and not my first one (5.9 miles), although the first one will still have that nasty hill.  Knowing about the changes will affect my training and the races I decide to run this summer, but I'm debating on how much.  I will post an entry later this week asking for your advice.  Stay tuned!

If you wear jewelry, describe your favorite piece(s) of jewelry.
Future hubs gave me a beautiful sapphire ring in 2009 that I wear all the time on my right middle finger.

Have you ever experienced severe weather like a tornado (or hurricane, typhoon, flooding, etc.)?
When I was in high school, my mom picked me up from school and a storm was rolling in as we were heading home.  We looked out the front window and saw a cloud slowly rotating above our car.

Have you participated in a Ragnar Relay or other relay event?
I did Ragnar and a duathlon relay last year.


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  2. Selling is tough. You either have to remember you only need one person to buy something OR really research your market to find out what people want. But if you really want/like to sell/make jewelry just remember its a lot like running - you gotta put in the miles!

    I'm envious of everyone doing relay events!! Have fun!

  3. I'm doing my first Ragnar this year! Cannot wait--everything always has such great things to say about them.

    Great looking jewelry!

  4. Congrats on the sales!

    Ragnar sounds like SUCH an experience - I have to get on a team one of these days!

  5. Your relay sounds like a blast!! I have participated in one relay before (not a ragnar) but it was the best!! You will love it! :)

    And congrats on the jewelry sales. I wish I had a talent like that. :)

  6. If I hadn't preplanned my Sunday to involve taking it easy at the apartment (which I did by grocery shopping, cleaning, and general relaxation), I would have checked out the Art-a-Whirl (and your jewelry!). Hopefully I'll get a chance to next year!

  7. WE had a severe ice storm and flooding in the same year. Our town was isolated from wash out and several bridges were taken out. It gave me a whole new respect for raging rivers.

  8. I think RAGNAR fans should be called RAGNERDS, but witty nickname ideas aside. I am excited to be doing the RAGNAR relay again with you. Hopefully no signs get switched around this year.

  9. Wow how cool, you make your own jewelry!! Be patient.. it will catch on, you have some great pieces!

    I've never run a Ragnar but I know people who have and they all have a blast!

    I've lived in Nebraska.. and now way out in the colorado springs in the east so we are getting tornado warnings.

  10. I can't bring myself to do Ragnar. The idea of sitting in a hot, stinky van for hours and hours....just doesn't sound too fun.

    But everyone I've talked to who has done one LOVES it (including my wife).

  11. Love that branch idea!

    I've run the Great Lakes Relay the past three years in July. It's a 3 day, 270 mile relay across northern Michigan. 10 person teams. It's always been a blast, and my team has won the co-ed division all three times I've run. Back in January I decided to not do it this year and I'm so glad. It's a great event, but I'm very happy to have a year off.

    And yes, we'll definitely have to meet up in Savannah!

  12. Let me just start off with BOOOOOO to YOU for doubting your jewelry!!! Come on . . . that's NOT the Richelle that we all "know" and love!!!!! I'm glad that your insecurities were put to rest by having a successful day on Sunday!

    Ragnar - you should look at the Train with Lisa blog on my sidebar - she's all about the Ragnars. The elevation map looks like a killer, but I'm sure you all will have fun. Good luck!!!!

  13. My favorite jewelry would be my 21st birthday ring and my Prefontaine necklace.

    The ring was designed by my step-dad using stones from his first wife's (she passed away) wedding ring and my mom's first wedding ring. They had the same stones in theirs so now they are all mine in one big, pretty sapphire/diamond ring.

    My necklace says "Love to Run" and was designed by Steve Prefontaine's sister. I put it on at the beginning of this year and have never taken it off!

    I lived in Florida for a few years and just before I moved back home I experienced 3 hurricanes back to back. They are surprisingly boring! The scariest part for me was hearing all the tornado warnings before the hurricanes arrive.

    I have never done a big relay race before. But maybe some day!

  14. Good job on your cute jewelry!

    Def keeping everyone affected by crazy weather in my thoughts and prayers.

    I really really wanna do the Key West ragnar with some girlfriends.

  15. I've got the New England Relay coming up in June. I'm so excited for it!

  16. Congrats on the sales.
    I have only done 1 short relay an age ago (I was 30 y.o.) and it was fun. I was the slowest, covering the 3 km in 11'30".