Monday, May 2, 2011

Cool Kids Virtual Marathon

Barefoot Neil Z hosted the Cool Kids Virtual Marathon, a.k.a. "I can't afford the actual race" virtual marathon.

I thought this would be a great way for me to build my mileage for the summer races I have planned, and perhaps break a mental barrier I have regarding the marathon distance (as strange as that sounds).

Here's my bib number, designed by my witty fiance.  I did actually print it out, but I didn't take a picture of the printed version.

I broke the bank, hee hee!
The rules stated that we could run the entire marathon distance on May 1, or over the prior two-week period, starting April 17.  At least 1K of the race distance had to be completed on May 1.

Here are my stats:

I completed slightly more than 26.2 miles.

If you want further proof, here are a few pictures of my iPod, treadmill (at work) and The Red Dragon (my Garmin):

4/17 - Beautiful morning run in my neighborhood

4/18 - Future hubs and I walked at the Mall of America.  We paused half-way (and paused the clock) to eat sushi. :)

4/20 - 4 x 400 intervals on the TM w/2-minute recovery after a 5-minute warm-up

4/23 - Jelly Bean Virtual Race

4/27 - 6 x 400 intervals on the TM w/400 recovery after a 5-minute warm-up

4/30 - Rainy 5-miler in my neighborhood.  Yuck!

5/1 - Short walk out to the highway and back from my parents' house (they live 5 miles outside my hometown)

I'd be pleased if I could get a 4:21:10 next year when I attempt my first full marathon for the third time.

Big thanks to Neil for hosting this virtual race!


  1. My pleasure! It's awesome to read all these reports. Can't wait for the next one I can't afford! Watch for my 10-10 Virtual Race in October!

  2. April 17, 23, and 30 were kick ass segments of the Cool Kids Marathon! Those must be your regular running days. Even the run/walk 10K was an excellent pace.

    Keep putting together more and more weeks like these last two, and next years marathon will be feeling good (not to mention the next plateau of your running life).

  3. how fun!! congrats...and girl, you will and can attack that Marathon someday soon! You are committed, fast, and full of tenacity. Keep it up!

  4. Congrats on covering that marathon distance! Your bib is the best!!

  5. Your bib was nifty, indeed! Way to get the miles done. You're going to be amazing no matter what race you do!!!

  6. YAY! Way to rock your virtual marathon! I like that idea! And lol on the proof pics! :)

  7. Great job completing the virtual!! Your BIB IS STELLAR! VERY witty hubs!

    on your last 2 mary attempts, did you get injured? I'm cheering for you for your 3rd!

  8. Congrats for the virtual. I like the bib.
    I see that now you are a garmin addicted like me.