Thursday, May 19, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. My brother Kevin is an avid horseback rider.  Unfortunately, he won't be riding a horse... or doing much that requires the use of both arms... for a while.  On Sunday, he got thrown off his horse and dislocated his right shoulder, his left pinky finger, and fractured that same pinky finger in two places.

I stole this picture from his girlfriend's blog.  Sorry, Heather!
Doing anything with two hands, let alone one, is quite difficult for him now.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  I hope he heals up soon!

2. I am selling my jewelry at Art-A-Whirl this weekend in northeast Minneapolis.  Art-A-Whirl is the largest open studio and gallery tour in the US, so my handiwork will get a lot more exposure than Etsy and the craft shows I do in my hometown.  I'm hoping for a lot of sales this weekend, especially because my jewelry is so reasonably priced.

3. A local elite runner linked the Brooks Beasts site (click HERE) on her Facebook wall.  Check out these videos of up-and-coming athletes: their workouts, pre-race rituals, and the joy they get from running.

Have you ever gone horseback riding before?  Ever get thrown from a horse?
I've only gone once.  That was enough for me.  Never been thrown and don't plan to because I'm not going horseback riding again.


  1. First, my prayers are definitely with your brother - i can't imagine!!! Second - 2 funny horseback riding stories. The first is when I was a kid and my mom and I were riding the same horse at the same time named Sparky - a guy told mom to kick the horse because he was moving too slowly. Mom kicked him and he threw both of us an then stomped on us. I don't really remember that part, but I do remember going back to the campsite and my mom having frozen 2 liters all over her body. Having this been my only experience with a horse, I was frightened as a young adult. One year in college I was a camp counselor for Deaf camp and I had to take the deaf kids horeseback riding - I screamed bloody murder the entire time . . . no one heard a dang thing cuz they were all deaf - nice, huh!
    Good luck at the sale - sounds awesome!

  2. Hope the jewelry sells well this weekend - sounds fun! I'm with you, one time on a horse was enough for me.

  3. Wishing your brother a speedy recovery!

  4. I grew up with horses and have done a lot of riding, but I've never been thrown.

    Best of luck to Kevin. He looks like he's in great spirits!!

  5. I <3 horse back riding. I'm sorry to hear about your bro, I will keep him in my thoughts and send him vibes for a quick recovery!

  6. Your poor brother. :(

    I have gone horseback riding a few times when I was younger. My most recent trip was a couple of years ago when I went to visit friends in Phoenix. We totally "dressed up" with cowboy hats and bandanas for an evening ride to the T-Bone Steakhouse. Then after dinner we got to ride back to the stables in the dark. It was a total blast!! (I was concerned about a long horseback ride after dinner topped with apple pie and ice cream, but I survived!)

  7. Not a horse person at all in spite of the fact that I grew up next to a horse trainer and every other girl on my block loved horses. One made it her career.

  8. Sorry for your brother.
    Good luck on the sells.
    I only rode a camel .... here are the pictures:

  9. I rode a horse, but, honesty? It is best we stay far apart. Big animals with big teeth and the ability to stomp on me? No thanks.

  10. I went horseback riding quite often as a kid.. LOVED IT!!! Hope he heals quickly!!

  11. Sorry about your bro! but, I do love horseback riding! I think they are beautiful creatures.

    How did the sales go this weekend??

  12. I love horses, have yet to be thrown off one, however I have only rode on one a couple of times. :p
    Hope your bro feels better soon!

  13. Bummer! I hope your brother heal quickly. I love to ride has been a few years but I really enjoy it:)

    Good luck selling your jewelry!