Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Survey Says...

This evening, I had the opportunity to participate in a focus group sponsored by Twin Cities in MotionHave you ever participated in a focus group before?  I hadn't before today, but the event was pretty informal.  We (a group of runners and I) introduced ourselves by talking about how we got started running.  The group leader then asked us a bunch of questions about races, specifically about what factors influence our decision to run certain races.  Subsequent questions focused on more specifics such as race organization, courses, safety, swag, fees, etc.  Plus, we received a free meal: Subway sandwiches and chips for dinner.  Overall, I enjoyed this focus group session and hope to be able to participate in more in the future.

We also received a few small gifts in appreciation for our time and feedback.  Two of those items will be included in a giveaway I'm planning for next week.  I just need to get the additional items ready.

In my last post, I mentioned that I would be seeking your advice, so here's what I'm puzzling over...

Cue the thinking/raised eyebrow/I'm not amused photo!
I'm debating whether or not to run the Red, White & Boom! TC Half Marathon on July 4.  I have not registered for this race yet, but there is space still available.

  • I am currently injury-free.
  • My runs are going well.
  • This run would (in a way) fit into my Ragnar training.
  • The swag is awesome:

Brooks technical shirt
Finisher medal
  • The race would be a great excuse to dress up in costume.  I already have one in the works. :)
  • I already have the day off.

  • My longest run of this training cycle so far has been a 10K.  I've got a 10K race (Stillwater 10K as part of the Stillwater Marathon weekend) this weekend, so then I'd have to do a 7-mile long run on June 5, an 8-miler on June 11 or 12, a 10-miler on June 18 or 19, an 8-miler on June 25 or 26, and then race on July 4.  A half-marathon is doable with this short of training, but it won't be my best effort (which is fine with me).
  • I'm worried about getting injured again.  I always do once I'm able to run again after taking time off due to injury.
  • Planning a wedding (a.k.a. death by a thousand paper cuts).
  • Figuring out where future hubs and I are going to live after we get married.  We're thinking about getting an apartment for a year, then finding a condo, townhouse or house.  I doubt the housing market is going to rebound in a year's time.
  • Getting burned out before Ragnar and Savannah, although I'm more likely to get burned out training in hot weather for Ragnar.

What do you think I should do?
Please comment with your advice.  Thanks a bunch!


  1. Go hard, or go home! We weren't put here to sit on a couch (and if we were I'd rather sit on a couch injured than healthy), but that's just my personality.

    I guess it depends on your personality and your favorite races. Do you enjoy longer distances? Do you enjoy slightly more volume in your weekly running?

    If you want to run just for the 4th of July, then there's gotta be some 5/10Ks on that same weekend somewhere nearby, I'm sure.

  2. Do it! Wear a costume and do it for fun, not a PR. It will probably even be a stress release from planning that wedding and all your paper cuts! :)

  3. Hate to be the bad guy on this one, but I think you might be pushing it to get up to that mileage in basically one month. It's not out of the realm of possibility, but be very careful if you go for it!

  4. hmmm...injuries do suck, so it would be best to avoid the chance of getting injured. But a half would be really fun. geesh, I'm no help - good luck deciding!

  5. Hmm, the "con" list looks a little heavier, but there are some good "pros"! If you take it very easy and treat it as a long training run, I'd say go for it! And have fun!

  6. I say do the race - housing plans and wedding plans won't be ruined with a couple of hours of break - run the race, clear your head, HAVE A BLAST!!! I say do it, but don't push yourself to PR and risk injury - just go and have a great time doing something fun and healthy!!!

  7. I'm with the "do it" folks, but do it for fun. It's months away from Savannah so don't worry about burn out.

    Also, I'd be lying if I said I've never considered a winged frog tattoo, but I currently have no plans. It's just fun to think about.

  8. I think your running base is pretty good, and if you can get a few of those longer runs in there and just run the race for fun you should be alright. I ended up running 12 miles one weekend I was slotted for 8. It is totally doable, but do it in the name of fun if you do. Good luck girlie! :)

  9. I see no question here.... clearly you should do it! The pros outweigh the cons. It sounds like physically you would certainly be ready - and it's only a couple hours out of your day. Then you can go enjoy the holiday and have some hotdogs and chips! ;)

  10. Love the shirt. I would be tempted. But you have lots of cons. Maybe you should sit this one out.

  11. I've heard the Red, White & Boom! is a fun race. My vote is: Go For It!!

  12. If your longest run is 10 miles you can totally do it. I ran a half coming off of injury on a 10 mile run and even pr'd. That being said you have to listen to yourself. But I'd say...Go and run.. enjoy it, get the swag and have fun!

  13. I think you are in time to prepare the half. Do it and don't worry. The loot is also interesting and ... you have to celebrate the 4th of July!
    Never participated in a focus group.

  14. You must do the 4th of July Half! Sounds like so much fun, and you have an outfit in the works already? Yes, yes, yes.