Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The Medtronic TC 1 Mile is tomorrow evening.  The weather forecast calls for rain... boo!  I'm hoping to PR (sub-7:25) but if I don't (the weather may be a factor, plus my legs have felt sluggish lately), then there's always next year.  I'm more excited to watch Ryan and Sara Hall run. :)

Speaking of the weather, spring was entirely skipped here in Minnesota.  Last week, we had snow flurries early in the week.  The last three days, it has been hot and humid.  Yesterday, the high reached 88 degrees!  The sudden change in weather has led to more headaches and stomachaches for me, plus more restless nights of sleep.  I hope it cools off soon!

I enjoyed my favorite pre-race/night-before-race fuel this evening: sushi!  After work, I headed over to Crave at the Mall of America for dinner.  Yeah, I know the race is only a mile, so there's really no reason for me to get particular about my food choices.  But I like sushi and wanted an excuse to eat some, hee hee!  I also walked around the mall and did a little shopping at The Limited and the Nike Store.  Found an awesome blue dri-fit running singlet at Nike and I can't wait to wear it!

Time for bed... here's hoping the rain stays away for the race!  I'm thinking of running the race sans-The Red Dragon (i.e. without my Garmin) because the skyscrapers in downtown Minneapolis will interfere too much with the signal.  What do you think?


  1. Snow flurries followed rapidly by high heat sucks. Can't wait to see you model the singlet. Praying for dry weather and energized legs for you.

  2. Best of luck with the PR! And I agree it'd be awesome to see Ryan AND Sara run.

  3. Say hey to Ryan and Sarah for me! :D
    Good luck and run fast--hopefully it will cool off by then...Im sitting here sweltering in 90 degree

  4. Good luck at the race. I hope you get your PR goal- that would be awesome, but more importantly, I hope you have fun celeb runner watching :)

    We have the SAME exact weather scenario down here in IN - total killer!!! 30 degrees to 88 degrees in just a couple of days - UGGG!

  5. Good luck at the 1 mile!! Hope your legs want to move FAST!!!

  6. The weather all over is just nuts! I am hoping for a couple weeks of spring before we get hit here, but so far we are still in winter it seems. Rain rain rain. Ugh.